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SNEL HEST @ Alingsås Konsthall

July 7, 2014



Hackers, illegal fildelning och porr i skogen. Under hösten visas på Alingsås konsthall Svenska och internationella verk som alla handlar om vår värld före och efter internet.

Det är en unik utställning som visas i konsthallen från den 6 september fram till dagen före julafton. Konsten kommer att påminna besökarna om hur mycket internet har förändrat samhället och konstnärerna kommer även att hålla föredrag om sina verk.

– Det är en lek med nu och då, före och efter internet. Det är en unik, smart, rolig och interaktiv utställning där det finns något för alla, berättar Mattias Norström som är utställningsproducent i konsthallen.

Porr, hackers och fildelning

På utställningen finns bland annat en staty – Kopimi Totem – som är uppbyggd av routrar. När besökarna interagerar med verket kan de ta del av material från Pirate Bay, som ju många gånger stått i centrum för debatten om illegal fildelning.

Ett annat verk är en film på temat porrkonsumtion före internet. En tid då man under en kantarelljakt istället för att finna skogens gula guld kunde hitta gamla porrtidningar under granarna.

Ett tredje verk kallas Forgot your password och består av en rad vita böcker, från pärm till pärm fyllda med lösenord. Det är det internetbaserade yrkesnätverket LinkedIn som hackats och sedan har användarnas lösenord spridits på webbens vågor och nu samlats i detta verk.

– Konstverken som visas i konsthallen väcker tankar och samtal om bland annat upphovsrätt och integritet. Diskussionen om övervakning, piratkopiering, copyright och hacking har satt Sverige på den digitala kartan även internationellt. Det är jätteroligt att vi i Alingsås får vara först i Sverige med att visa en utställning på det här temat, säger Mattias Norström.

Konstnärskollektiv online

Verken är skapade av internationella och svenska konstnärer som delvis ingår i konstnärskollektivet F.A.T, som använder internet som spelplan för sin konst. Genom hacking och ifrågasättande av copyright utmanar de det nya offentliga rummet Internet.

Utställningen går under titeln SNEL HEST. Titeln är själv ett dubbeltydigt ”internetfenomen” som fått global spridning men som också har koppling till Sverige, som har haft en central roll i utvecklingen av spel, internetfenomen och webbkultur.

Under invigningshelgen arrangeras förfest och invigningsfest på Konstepidemin i Göteborg. Vernissagedagen kör Rättbuss gratis mellan Konstepidemin och Alingsås konsthall.

Pressvisning: 4 september kl 11.00

Vernissage: 6 september kl 13.00
Följ oss på sidan Skunk för aktuell information.

Medverkande konstnärer:
Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth, James Cauty, KATSU, Geraldine Juárez, Magnus Eriksson, Raquel Meyers, Erik Berglin och Yaxu/Algorave.

Show me the money: Panel Discussion and Exhibition Preview

June 7, 2014

ShowMeTheMoney- Panel Flyer

The Case of Grinning Cat / A Grin without a cat

June 6, 2014


i went to the retrospective of Chris Marker in Whitechapel Gallery last weekend.. this is the only cat video i ever needed.

Long live the syndicats!.

Show me the money: The Image of Finance, 1700 to present

May 24, 2014

What does money really stand for? What does ‘the market’ look like? How can the abstract nature of the financial machine be made visible?

Hello Bitcoin, will be part of the Money Shots component of the touring exhibition “Show me the money: The Image of Finance, 1700 to present”. The exhibition opens June 14th in Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland and will tour until february 2016 across England.

Show Me The Money charts how the financial world has been imagined in art, illustration, photography and other visual media over the last three centuries in Britain and the United States. The exhibition shows how artists have grappled with the increasingly intangible nature of money and finance from the South Sea Bubble of the early eighteenth century to the global financial crisis of 2008 and its aftermath.


‘The Money Shot’ explores the way that as money and financial instruments have become increasingly abstract and dematerialized, contemporary artists have investigated the visceral, affective and thoroughly material aspects of money in all its modern guises and disguises. Concentrating on the tropes of burning and falling; the staging of disappearances and reappearances; and the promises and implied lies of contracts, it tells the unbelievable story of the art collection of the Royal Bank of Scotland, a parable for the way that the value of artworks and financial instruments can literally disappear overnight, leaving only a few ghostly traces of what formerly seemed so real.


Thanks Dr.Isabella Streffen for invite me to this amazing show!

Touring Dates:

- Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland, Saturday 14th June until Saturday 30th August 2014

- Chawton House Library in Hampshire, Friday 19th September until Saturday 22nd November 2014

- John Hansard Gallery in Southampton, from Tuesday 7th October until Saturday 22nd November 2014

- People’s History Museum in Manchester, from Saturday 11th July 2015 until Saturday 28th February 2016

Exhibition Website

S23m (System 23 modified)

May 7, 2014

S23m (System 23 modified), 2014
A film by Piratbyrån, Geraldine Juárez and Simon Klose
Swedish, English subtitles.

Simon shot a lot of material for his documentary about The Pirate Bay – “TPB AFK”, in which i was very lucky to collaborate with during the launch of the movie. However, there was a lot of material about Piratbyrån that was left out, specially about the s23m/k/x epic journeys on the golden bus.

When we were preparing the exhibition “Piratbyrån and Friends”, Simon dropped on me a precious hard-drive with lots of raw material that i used to edit this film (and then translated with the help of Piratbyrån).

The history of Piratbyrån is a beautiful and complex one, that although related strongly to the one of The Pirate Bay, has their own shades of gray and a larger and compelling understanding of networked culture beyond the obsolete and destructive ideology of intellectual property.

This film is just a little glimpse from a fan->nickname->outsider->friend into the space that Piratbyrån created to experiment collectively at different speeds with everyday media, and the relations that emerged first behind a screen through the network and then manifested AFK during the sm23 journey to Manifesta in Bolzano, Italy.

Some of the people in this film are either some of my biggest inspiration and influences, very close friends who i admire and respect – and even that one with whom i live, love and L33t.

So yeah, this is a film about people that i like and that have special place in my shell, my servers and mostly in the torrent of life.

You can download subtitles from here and download the torrent file over here.

Maintain Hardline Kopimi!

Piratbyrån and Friends @Furtherfield!

May 2, 2014

Curated by Rachel Falconer and Furtherfield
Saturday 03 May – Sunday 08 June 2014
Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion, London.

Piratbyrån, Evan Roth, Geraldine Juárez, James Cauty, Palle Torsson, Jaime Ruelas/Polymarchs.

Piratbyrån and Friends traces the stories of cultural sharing and affinity-building among the activities and values of the members of Piratbyrån (The Bureau of Piracy). This Swedish artist/activist group was established in 2003 to promote the free sharing of information, culture and intellectual property. The exhibition presents screenings, installations and artworks by founding and more recent members, keen to tell the story of the group on their own terms. It features newly commissioned work by artists Geraldine Juarez and Evan Roth, and a new networked audio collaboration which mediates their rich archive and foregrounds the role of piracy as an agent of innovative disruption and cultural transmission.

Piratbyrån have always resisted clear definition. Created on the Internet as a loose friendship group with a shared commitment to media and piracy in the shifting ecologies of digital copyright law, Piratbyrån operated through a number of different identities. From the #discobeddienti IRC chatroom, to the infamous Pirate Bay, to the determinedly analogue SX23 bus trip to Manifesta 8, and their subsequent disbandment in 2010, Piratbyrån consciously cultivated an air of mystery and intrigue around their diverse range of activities.

Their political agenda has always been consciously enigmatic, and their identity wilfully plural and complex in character. As the members of Piratbyrån have scattered and morphed into new configurations, what remains clear is their dedication to the strategy of friendship. Piratbyrån have always had a particular commitment to the value of friendship as a shelter for culture and a space to understand, imagine and experiment as a community from the edges of the Internet.

Rasmus Fleischer about the lost plurality of protocols and speeds

April 7, 2014

Rasmus gave a fantastic and thoughtful presentation in Transmediale about the afterglow of the after dotcom bubble and the counter-revolutionary forces that are sanitizing the internet.

Speaking internets with a true sense of economic history:

The problem of money is not a problem of software – Bifo

April 1, 2014

Is a problem of trust.

“Crypto money, crypto-contracts, crypto-currencies will turn contract law into a programming language. The normative rule of law is shifting into the crypto rule of language that is engaging people in social an economic relations”.

Franco Bifo Bernardi in Money Lab.  Roar Magazine have a superb review of the topics discussed.

Whitewashing Piracy at the Normalcy Project

March 29, 2014

AEThe Normalcy Project.

Contemporary art: what is the norm? What is the rule? What is the scale and what is at stake? Some would answer that the main regulator might be the market. In some places on the planet, like Stockholm, the field of artistic research appears as a clear alternative fount of resources for artists to develop their work and eventually to make a living out of it. If the traditional market implies trading objects, how and where do you trade research in art?

Full Program


Whitewashing Piracy
Experimental conference

Martin Fredriksson, Palle Torsson, Donatella Bernardi, Sonja Schillings, Leif Dahlberg, Rasmus Fleischer, Samira Ariadad, Kuba Szreder, James Arvanitakis, Marysia Lewandowska, Geraldine Juárez, Magnus Eriksson, Boris Magrini, Sara Wolfert

Saturday 26 April 10:00-18:00 at Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Hus 28

Piracy“While legislators and policymakers simply outlaw piracy as theft, others see it as a form of resistance that aims to develop a critical agency within the confines of normalized societies. Are pirates actually entrepreneurs in the same way as artists? The experimental conference Whitewashing Piracy in the State of Normalcy is a full-day event with talks on piracy, biopiracy, piracy as friendship, its relation to capitalism, the undoing of property and hacking as art”

“In the beginning of May, Furtherfield Gallery in London will open the exhibition The Piracy of Friendship documenting and reflecting on the history of the Piratbyrån group and featuring works of among others Evan Roth, Polymarchs, James Cauty and Geraldine Juárez. The central theme is the friendship relations that emerge with piracy and the exchange of media and information in closely-knit groups and how this can form the basis of artistic practices.” (Geraldine Juárez and Magnus Eriksson, Piracy as Friendship — Exposition of an Exhibition)

Utter, a new song about the dark tongues of financialisation

March 23, 2014

I made a new song in Renoise about the dark tongues used by financialisation to make free trade agreements, surveillance programs, laws, financial programs and assets, and technical infrastructure familiar to all of us.